LPG Tanks EU: LPG Shore Tanks Quantity Calculations

    LPG Tanks EU software can do the following:

  •  Calculation of the shore tank quantities of up to 9 shore tanks using CTL calculated either by the Table 54E of API MPMS 11.2.4.;

  •  Automatic calculation of a correction for the thermal expansion or shrinkage of the tank shell for an upright or horizontal cylindrical, or spheric, or prismatic shore tank based of the linear expansion coefficient of different materials in accordance with formulas of HM21 Calculation procedures for static and dynamic measurement of light hydrocarbon liquids (LNG, LPG, ethylene, propylene and butadienes), 3rd edition, July 2012;

  •  Conversion of Metric tons in vacuo into Metric tons in air either by means of ISO 6578:1991 (which is an equivalent of the “short” Table 56 from ASTM 1250-1952 published again in 1986) or by means of the formula in the item 4.5 of the API MPMS, Chapter 11.5.3.;

  •  The Table 53E and the Table 23E incorporated into LPG Tanks EU software are based on the calculation routines of the API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 11, Section 2, Part 4 – Temperature correction for the volume of NGL and LPG, Table 23E, 24E, 53E, 54E, 59E, and 60E, published in 2007 or “API MPMS 11.2.4.”

  •  Calculation of the molar mass, the relative density at 60/60°F as per ASTM D2421 from the hydrocarbon composition determined by the gas chromatograph in accordance with ASTM D2163 and the conversion of the relative density at 60/60°F into the density at 15°C by means of the modified formula in the item 4.3 of the API MPMS, Chapter 11.5.3.;

  •  Calculation of the density at 15°C converted by the Table 53E of API MPMS 11.2.4. from the density at the test temperature determined by means of the pressurized hydrometer as per ASTM D1657 with the subsequent conversion into the the relative density at 60/60°F from the density at 15°C by means of the formula in the item 4.3 of the API MPMS, Chapter 11.5.3.

  • The software can save the results of calculations in an Excel file.

    The data from this Excel file can be later downloaded into the software to restore input data either on your computer or onto another computer of your colleague with the same software.

    Thus you can later change selected options and to re-calculate results.

    Then you can re-save your calculations again.


    Package price is USD 200